Published: March 2014

Promoting competition with cable companies

As technology continually improves the way consumers enjoy television and media, it is important to ensure consumers have a choice when it comes to the hardware they utilize. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) should promote the creation of third-party devices that are just as compatible with consumers' cable systems as cable-supplied devices.

In a letter to the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Consumer Action and other advocates urge the Committee to reject any proposals that weaken the Communications Act as it relates to the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) ability to promote choice among non-cable-supplied electronic devices. As the cable industry transitions into using IP-based technologies, cable operators should incorporate third-party devices that also support its' services. In doing so, competitive commercial products are available as a real alternative to the set-top boxes leased by system operators; ultimately these protections promote price competition and choice for cable consumers.


Lead Organization

Public Knowledge

Other Organizations

Public Knowledge | National Consumers League | Free Press Action Fund | Consumer Action | Writers Guild of America West | AllVid Tech Company Alliance

More Information

For more information, please visit Public Knowledge.

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Promoting competition with cable companies   (JointECletter3-7-14.pdf)




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