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California Legislative Alerts feature information about key issues in California.

  • Sep 26, 2013  Autos
    NEW: SB 686 Gets Dealers to Fix Recalled Vehicles Most car buyers would not expect that a car they bought through
  • Sep 25, 2013  Housing
    NEW: SB 603 Protects Renters' Security Deposits 15 million renters live in California, and improper withholding of security deposits is a troublingly
  • Mar 29, 2013  Consumer Protection
      NEW: AB 329 Would Preserve Fans' Ticket Rights A new consumer-unfriendly kind of ticket is being pushed by Ticketmaster, known
  • Mar 29, 2013  Privacy
      NEW: Stop AB 241's wasteful corporate welfare Consumer Action regrets that it must oppose AB 241, because mandating bulk
  • Apr 19, 2012  Insurance
      NEW: Support insurance reform!   Please take a moment sign a petition that would put insurance reform on the
  • Mar 01, 2012  Credit
      NEW: Consumer Action is monitoring SB 515 Reforming Payday Loans SB 515 (D-Jackson) would limit payday loans to four times a


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