New California laws to help consumers

Friday, February 29, 2008


In 2007, California lawmakers passed 964 bills, according to the Senate Office of Research, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed 750 into law. The Consumer Law Digest details some of the more important laws to help consumers, including:

  • Using fuel gauge to calculate gas charges for rental cars
  • Higher automobile restocking fees for certain leasing transactions
  • Auto 'Lemon Law' to protect soldiers
  • Protections for auto trade-ins
  • Teenage drivers can’t talk and drive
  • Interest limited on payday loans for soldiers
  • Credit reports-public record information
  • Deceased people's executors don’t have to cancel utility services in person
  • Gift certificates redeemable for cash if value less than $10
  • Landlords may not ask tenants their immigration status
  • Tenants in residential hotels need locking mailboxes
  • Notaries must provide journal information within 15 days
  • Notaries-stricter regulations
  • Limits on personal information on public records
  • Water vending machines and water bottles
  • Appraisers-Unlawful to influence appraisers
  • Homestead exemptions-Moved out spouse protected
  • Mobile homes-Sellers must be fingerprinted
  • Preservation of public records
  • Real estate licenses-convicted felons can’t get one
  • Electronic filings and payment of small claims court fees by personal check
  • Small claims process servers Stricter serving requirements

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