Published: July 2018

FCC’s Lifeline program critical to victims of domestic violence

The support the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Lifeline program provides is vital, especially for survivors of domestic violence. Yet, the FCC is proposing to cut the program—a decision that could impact 70 percent of Lifeline subscribers. This proposal would raise the costs of service and put affordable, essential communications out of the reach of the most vulnerable members of society, including victims and survivors of domestic violence whose access to affordable communications can be a matter of life and death.

A recent poll by the National Network to End Domestic Violence found that 77 percent of domestic violence prevention programs distributed phones, including devices from a program run by the Federal Communications Commission: Lifeline. For those affected by domestic violence and abuse, a phone is a life saver. It makes it possible to get help when they find themselves in dangerous situations. It’s their gateway to building a new life, away from harm. Consumer Action joined other advocates in urging the FCC to ensure the Lifeline program remains a viable option to the most economically-fragile low-income households in our communities.


Lead Organization

National Consumers League (NCL)

Other Organizations

Break the Cycle | CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence | Consumer Action | Council on Domestic Violence, Inc | Equal Justice Society | Jewish Women International (JWI) | NAACP | National Association of Social Workers | National Black Justice Coalition | National Consumers League | National Network to End Domestic Violence | National Resource Center on Domestic Violence | New Choices Inc. | Public Justice Center | Public Law Center | National Center on Poverty Law | Womens Resource Center

More Information

For more information, please visit NCL.

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FCC’s Lifeline program critical to victims of domestic violence   (711AdvocatesForVictimsOfDM.compressed.pdf)




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